The Life of a Woolacombe Volunteer

11951466_10153048064888344_3261647170793114468_oToday Gudrun Limbrick writes about her time as a volunteer ranger at Woolacombe:

“A couple of years ago I joined a wall-building course run by the Woolacombe team at Mortehoe. The course was two days of learning how to cut and lay slate stones to form the traditional stone-faced banks which criss-cross the countryside here. It rained, a gale blew and I finished each day absolutely filthy but I loved it, and I knew that I wanted to do more. So, for a year or so now, I have been volunteering once a week with the Woolacombe team. The jobs we do are varied – cutting and burning gorse in the winter, strimming in the summer, and wall-building, litter-picking, step repairing and many other tasks whenever they are needed. I really enjoy the work and being part of the team but, most of all, I have loved getting to know this beautiful place I live in better and learning about how the land is used and managed, and the varied habitats it supports. As a bonus, my experience as a volunteer has meant that I have been appointed as a National Trust beach ranger in the summer season, surely the best job in the world!”

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