Celebrating Volunteers’ Week

This week is Volunteers’ Week (hooray!) which gives us the opportunity to say a huge thank you to all our amazing volunteers in North Devon! We literally wouldn’t be able to continue without their hard work, support and dedication. They help us with everything, from practical conservation work to office admin to car park stewarding.

We wanted to highlight some of the great work our volunteers get up to, so over the next couple of weeks we’ll be adding a few volunteer stories from around North Devon, giving you a glimpse into the varied and exciting life of a National Trust volunteer!

Our first story comes from David Dixon, a working holiday leader and volunteer ranger at Woolacombe:

‘I first got involved with the National Trust by taking part in a Working Holiday in early 1999 near Helston. I already admired the work done by the National Trust in preserving the coastline from development, particularly in North Devon, and by the end of 2000 had already been a Volunteer Leader for a Working Holiday. For the next ten years I continued to lead 2 or 3 Working Holidays every year, always well away from home. Eventually, in 2010, I led a Working Holiday at Countisbury, only 25 miles away from home. The work that week was on the Woolacombe Estate, and I got to work with the Ranger team based there.
I had retired the year previously and now found that I had the opportunity to give back some time to the National Trust, so I asked Jonathan, the Head Ranger at Woolacombe what volunteering opportunities were available. He told me that he could find work for me on Tuesdays, and I have been working on that day ever since, except when I am away on holidays (I still lead one or two Working Holidays every year), and am now known as ‘Tuesday Dave’ at Woolacombe.
I get back three brilliant experiences:
I get to see some of the most beautiful parts of the country, often in places not normally accessible to most people.
I meet the most interesting people, with a whole depth of knowledge and enthusiasm for the areas they look after.
I have the satisfaction of working to conserve and improve our beautiful countryside for all to enjoy.’

If you’re inspired by these stories and interested in getting involved yourself, please get in touch northdevon@nationaltrust.org.uk or 01598 763306.


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