Rockham Beach Update

Good news – Contractors Marine and Civil Solutions are on site today starting phase one of the construction of the new Rockham Beach Steps. They are working alongside Celtic Rock Ltd, who are rock/cliff stabilization experts, to put in place safety scaffolding and rock pinning to stabilize part of the cliff.  All being well the main bearers for the steps will be in place within the week.

Please take care when walking along the Coast Path past Rockham Beach and also along the Lighthouse Road as there will be increased construction vehicular traffic for the next three weeks.


8 responses to “Rockham Beach Update

  1. Jenny Patience

    So glad our much loved Rockham Beach may soon be accessable again!
    Great news

  2. Great news. especially as we are coming for a visit in May. Thanks to all who made this happen

  3. Any news on mending the steps at Sillery Sands?

    • Unfortunately the news on Sillery beach access is not as positive as that for Rockham. It is not looking like they will re-open in the near future. We are working with Exmoor National Park to ascertain if re-opening is possible at all.

  4. Fantastic news. My Dog & I have missed being able to visit Rockham beach when we camp at North Morte Farm. Best wishes & thanks to all those involved with this fantastic & worthwhile project.

  5. Chris Cudmore

    Rockham steps are now open. Many thanks to all those who arranged for the funding, managed the project and actually did the work on a very windswept cliff!! Long may it last. I especially like the seat at the top!

  6. Jenny Patience

    All our family went down the new steps on to the lovely Rockham Bay Beach during the Easter Holidays. Thank you for making this happen – hopefully they will withstand any storms in the future!

  7. Great to hear the steps to Rockham Beach have been repared! We’re from The Netherlands and have been camping on North Morte Farm for the past 20 years. Like many others we’ve missed the beach while it was closed. Thanks!

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