Photographs in the dark

An interview with the photographer.


On 10th October, a unique event is taking place – a one-night only exhibition of stunning local photographs out om Morte Point under the night sky. I caught up with the photographer, Joshua Day, over a cup of tea in the Woolacombe Rangers’ Office from where he works as a National Trust Ranger.

What are people going to see at the exhibition?

The exhibition will feature a series of framed landscape images, displayed on easels and individually lit in the darkness of the wilds of Morte Point. So remember your torches, coats and boots!

We will also be premiering the Nobody asked it to film, an exploration of my relationship with nature, again displayed in the darkness of a Morte Point evening.

 Is there a message you are wanting to convey through the photographs?

 The exhibition is inspired by the services nature provides for human wellbeing on the North Devon coast. From pollination, water management and climate control to cultural and mental wellbeing through activities such as recreation. The exhibition may well have you pondering about what nature does for you.

What is your personal favourite image in the exhibition?

 Without giving too much away… my favourite image has to be the one that looks out across the awe-inspiring west coast of Lundy, a place that empowers me as it faces out into the seemingly endless Atlantic Ocean.

When did you take up photography?

 Having grown up on the North Devon coast, the landscape has always been a big part of my life, from swimming in the caves off Baggy Point to surfing breaks up and down the coast. I was bought my first camera at the age of 14 and started to photograph some of my local adventures in this very special place. I guess my passion for landscape photography developed from there.

What do you enjoy about photography?

 Photography gives me the opportunity to explore and think deeply about a place, a story or a message. Building an understanding of a subject and the intent of the photograph for me is so enjoyable as well as sharing an image with the others.


How does your work as a ranger link with your ambitions as a photographer?

 My photography feeds from my work as a Ranger, being in the loop of nature and the countryside. Just like a chainsaw, a tractor or a shovel, I see my camera as one of my tools when lending a hand to conserve the North Devon coast.

You have a film in the exhibition? Is this is a new venture for you?

 Yes, the Nobody asked it to film will premiere at the exhibition. It explores my relationship with nature and I hope it will have people reflecting on their own relationship with the local natural world. Film is a new avenue for me but am enjoying using this media.

Will you be available on the evening to talk about the exhibition?

 I will be at the exhibition to answer any questions and to recount any tales from the past year working on this project and being in the presence of some humbling moments on the North Devon coast. You may well find me in the pub winding down afterwards, so feel free to join me!

Nobody asked it to…
For one night only, Mortehoe
Saturday 10 October, from 6.30pm
Book online at or by calling 01598 763402.

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