Boat Bonanza at Clovelly Lifeboat Day

In our second year at the Clovelly Lifeboat Day last Sunday, Gregg, Nicky and I were out early setting up our stand on top of the lime kiln in the harbour. The aim of the day was to celebrate the Clovelly lifeboat & its volunteer crew.

At our stand we had badge making and boat making out of recycled drinks bottles with endless design possibilities. It was a very busy and lovely day with some of the kids making lifeboats. We also had a boat testing area where we could try out and race the finished boats, with only a handful needing rescue! The most popular boats were our speed boats made with a propeller for extra power!

 Thank you to Clovelly Estate for including us again this year, we had a great day.

All of the proceeds from the day will be shared by the National Trust & RNLI.

Karen Saunders – Voluntary Ranger

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