Notes to the imagination

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Our Family Coastal Trail around Baggy Point was a fantastic success over May half term, with over  200 families exploring this special place and learning a few interesting facts along the way. With a busy season on the cards I was a bit slow at fetching the doors back in… (my bad!) after the initial week long event, but that’s when people really started using their imaginations! The small oak and ash wood doors tucked away under bushes, walls and banks on Baggy Point, inspired letter writing addressed to Hobbits, Fairies, and Wonderful Mystical Creatures, all giving accounts of beautiful views, places , memories and anniversaries. I was blown away by peoples imaginations and excited to see how this special places can inspire and benefit people in so many different ways. I’ve always heard stories of mystical goings on around Baggy Point but now I’m starting to believe them…

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