Have a Coast Adventure this Half Term

North Devonshire is a place of dramatic coastlines, rolling hills, wooded valleys and sunny glades. The best bits of the “Shire” are sometimes hidden in plain sight, right beneath the noses of the thousands of visitors who search for their own slice of this special countryside.


A fascinating mix of creatures inhabit the Shire, and the best of them live on the coast at Baggy Point. Some have eight legs, some have four. Some are covered in thick curly wool, others have hard shells. Some have two legs and slippery rubbery skin, living in the place between the sand and the sea, riding the breaking waves.

Blck sheep paintingcrab painting

You can discover them for yourself this half term at Baggy Point, Croyde. Park at the Baggy car park and ask in the kiosk for your free adventure map. It will lead you on a path of discovery in the Shire, showing you all the fascinating residents and where they live.

Baggy kiosk

The winter is an interesting time for the National Trust Rangers in North Devon. Often stormbound in their offices and workshops they let their imaginations run   wild. The product of this last winter in Woolacombe and Mortehoe is just being unveiled at Baggy Point. It is a new family trail, leading people around the Point in search of its residents who live behind little wooden doors. The trail guides are free, and we hope the beautifully crafted trail markers will inspire people to explore the wild side of Baggy Point.See you there.20150518_140418

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