7 Coast Questions

National Trust South West kindly nominated us to answer the 7 Questions Coastal tag they’ve got going on. It’s all to do with celebrating our coast this summer. It’s also a lovely way to collect anecdotes and stories from the people who live and work on the North Devon coast.

Here’s our response – from Andy Bramwell, Visitor Services Officer. Find out who we nominate below:

7 questions tag

1. What’s Your Favourite Beach? It’s got to be Combesgate beach in Woolacombe. It’s the first beach I ever visited and surfed in North Devon over 6 years ago. I remember coming down in my campervan from Wales with the intention of exploring all North Devon and Cornwall and I didn’t move it from Combesgate for a week.

2.Sea or Sand? Swim in it, dive in it, surf in it. It has to the sea. It’s energy, mood and colours change on a daily basis. You never get bored of it.

3.Tell a Memory of being by the Sea? Swimming with seals and puffins in Pembrokeshire last year was amazing.

4.What’s your favourite seaside food? Self-caught, self-smoked mackerel is the best.

5.Favourite Ice Cream flavour? Anything based on clotted cream.

6. Have you lived by the Sea? I’m lucky enough to live in Woolacombe, right on the beach.

7. Favourite place on the coast? I really like Constantine Bay in Cornwall, the Dyfi estuary in mid Wales and Trentishoe in Exmoor.

We nominate: @ExmoorNP @WoolacombeTIC @LoveMarineLife @WTSWW @explorethecoast @JonesintheWild

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  1. Reblogged this on I love SW coast and commented:
    7 questions about the coast from the National Trust. Great to hear what makes the South West coast so special to those that help maintain these special places. Here’s what Andy Bramwell, Visitor Services Officer for the National Trust’s North Devon coast has to say…

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