Baggy Point Coastguard Pole Appeal

The white Coastguard Pole at Baggy Point has become an iconic part of the North Devon landscape. It’s wooden steps have been climbed by many a visitor and it has featured in thousands of photographs in all sorts of weathers since the 1930’s. But the weather and the salty coastal environment has finally taken its toll on the pole and it needs to be replaced. North Devon National Trust is launching an appeal to raise funds to preserve this fascinating piece of local heritage.

If you’ve ever walked to the pole and back from Croyde, had a picnic by it, taken a photo with it or even climbed it then please buy a raffle ticket from the Baggy Point car park team or enjoy another visit to the pole and make a donation.

Donations can now be made here


The pole was installed by the Coastguard in the 1930’s as a training tool. Coastguard volunteers would fire their ropes towards the top of the pole, simulating firing ropes up towards a ship that had been grounded on the rocks. The photo below is of a similar pole on the Isle of Wight but shows the same training that would have taken place at Baggy Point.


Once attached to the pole the ropes would be used to slide a “breaches buoy” over to the ship so that stranded mariners could be winched to safety. The photo below is again from the Isle of Wight but shows the same rescue training in effect.


Although it looks like an old fashioned zip slide, this method of rescue saved many lives. With modern technology and navigation ships are less likely to wreck on the North Devon coast, but the Coastguard still responds to all sorts of incidents.

Please help us preserve this icon of local heritage by supporting our appeal and helping raise the £2600 we need to replace the pole with a replica.

8 responses to “Baggy Point Coastguard Pole Appeal

  1. Would be good to know if we can donate to this online (or somewhere else locally – Woolacombe?) rather than just in person in Croyde… because I have money to give you from a couple of us but am not going to be near Baggy anytime soon…

    • Really pleased that you are keen to support our fundraising project at Baggy Point. I have passed on your details to our Visitor Services Manager who will be in touch soon.

  2. One of my favourite places ever, I have got lots of photos of my son up that pole. How can I donate if I can’t get down that way anytime soon?

    • Thank you for your interest in our fundraising project at Baggy Point. I have passed on your comments to our Visitor Service Manager who will be in touch soon.

  3. andybramwell2015

    Hi there, we have set up a Justgiving page
    Thank you so much for your support.

  4. happy to Donate when i next see it very soon. my Dad & Brothers have loads of fond memories of climbing that Iconic part of Croyds History

  5. Would be good to get an update on how fundraising is going as the Just giving page is only a small part of the fundraising.

    • We are now on the final push of fund-raising to get the last £500 of the £2600 we need to get the Baggy Pole replaced. Raffle ticket sales at Baggy Point car park have greatly helped us on our way.

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