New Ranger Arrives at Woolacombe

Good morning, my names Luke, I’m the new part time Ranger based at Woolacombe.

Now on my third week on the job, I’m slowly getting my head around it all. I’ll be here helping deliver practical conservation work, events, and much more. If you see me out and about pop over and say hello.

Luke Johns


3 responses to “New Ranger Arrives at Woolacombe

  1. Welcome Luke. What a great job to have!! We are regular summer visitors
    Can you tell me how Combesgate Beach is doing ? After the Spring storms of 2014 the beach had changed dramatically with the sand being scoured away from the back of the beach and creating a sand bar. Has that changed again this year??
    Best regards

    • lukejohns123

      Afternoon Guy,
      Thanks for your comment. Great to hear you’re regular visitors. We haven’t been down there for awhile, so unsure whether it’s still the same or has changed with the big spring tides we’ve been having recently.

  2. Welcome Luke! Its such a great job you do. Keep up the hard work!

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