Executive Ranger Stu signing off

Sadly this will be my last blog as I am returning back to Arlington Court from my secondment at Woolacombe- I cannot believe where the time has gone- nigh on 2 years.
Having previously spent 10 years at Arlington court as a Ranger, the opportunity here was perfect to progress my skills and knowledge and little did I know that for 7 months of last year I acted up as the Ranger in charge. Not only have I had the privilege of working with such a great National Trust team on this property, but also the wider team in North Devon. I have also very much enjoyed working alongside the other stake holders that make up both the honeypot of Woolacombe and the wider outlying areas between Croyde and Ilfracombe.

I can remember my first week here, how comfortable it was (I thought) working some ware you are familiar with but actually you are not due to the tiny details that you learn over the years such as the names of the many secluded bays and beaches, the miles of quirky footpath routes to strim and also the change of the seasons on the land. Though I live locally, what I thought I knew of the area was nothing to what knowledge the Rangers such as Rob, Jonathan and Josh have-history, passion and feelings, knowledge-these things have been passed on to me, which I will take away and cherish for a very long time.

Picture is of me-well my feet enjoying the amazing wild swimming working holidays that are held on the property each year.
Though i am sad to leave, i am very much looking forward to the new challenges that are in stall for me when return to Arlington Court on Monday and the opportunities that that lie in wait!

Executive Ranger Stu signing off.

3 responses to “Executive Ranger Stu signing off

  1. Ah Stu – gonna miss you and your blogs. Look forward to seeing you around. Now give me back my job!!

  2. I so agree that even when you think you are familiar with a place, there are always more and more levels of fascinating detail to discover. I think it happens over time through full engagement and interaction with the landscape.

  3. Best wishes for the future 🙂

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