Rockham step repairs get sized up!

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Since the storms back in the winter of 2013, the access to Rockham beach, near Mortehoe, has been closed due to coastal erosion that attacked the soft under cliff which supported the current staircase to the beach. Since its closure, the feedback from locals, tourists and businesses alike was the vital need to reopen the access due to its unique tranquil quality that people from all walks of life enjoy.
The National Trust, working in partnership with Devon District Council, secured funding via a the Coastal Communities Fund and though a sizable amount of money to reinstate the access, it is faced with a sizable challenge!
It has taken till now to start the process of rebuilding due to many factors, the biggest of which is the continued movement of the cliff caused by the battering of the sea, unstable natural geology and water runoff from the above fields.
After assigning a company in Exeter, NPS, who work closely with Devon county Council, a visit was made last week by a structural engineer and a geologist in order to come up with a solution . . . well, at least options! The visit was a real eye opener for them due to the sheer difficulty of the location, access, and instability; however they were very positive that a design could be drawn up and all being well, the installation completed by late spring/early summer.
This is a positive move to reinstate a vital route to a real gem in North Devon’s crown of secluded beaches that will be appreciated and used by many for years to come.

Stuart Ayres
Executive extreme step building ranger

7 responses to “Rockham step repairs get sized up!

  1. Hooray !!!!

  2. Jenny Patience

    That is wonderful news for all of us who love Rockham Beach!
    Jenny Patience

  3. Great news

  4. North Morte Farm campsite is an annual pilgrimage for me. The view overlooking the sea is one of my all time favourites.Last year, I really missed being able to walk down to Rockham beach & my Scottish terrier missed scrambling over the rocks & splashing about in the rockpools. It has made my day to read that the steps will possibly be rebuilt & access to the beach made possible again. Well done to the Lottery for giving a grant & good luck to the engineers & builders with this challenging project. It WILL be worth it.

  5. Robert Hawkins

    We have missed not being able to walk down to Rockham Beach and welcome the good news! Robert, Tracey, Sam and Riley Hawkins

  6. Chris Collins

    Excellent news, you don’t realise what you have until you lose it. It will be so nice to watch the sunset down there again. Chris, Jason, Oliver, Alice and the dogs!

  7. Samantha Corfield

    I think that Rockham Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Give me jagged rocks over palm trees any day!

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