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The usual gentle start to the week with a stroll down to Heddon’s Mouth with the litter picker in hand. It’s a nice little start of the week job and always an enjoyable walk. I did steal a few moments to sit and watch the waves break against the beach. I was joined by a little Stonechat flitting across the gorse behind me.

Trail to Heddon's Mouth Trail to Heddon’s Mouth

Stonechat Stonechat


Heddon's Mouth Heddon’s Mouth

Tuesday and Thursday were spent back in Barton Wood. With the darker evenings I’m not getting to do as much walking as I usually like to, so on Tuesday I took the opportunity to walk home up through the woods. It was really peaceful apart from the clipped calls of Greater Spotted Woodpeckers and busy squirrels sounding like something much bigger as they dashed through the dry leaves. I went on to the coastal path to watch the sun set…

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