Mount Pleasant is looking good!

In the past year we have made a number of improvements at Mount Pleasant in Clovelly, helping even more people to enjoy this special place. Mount Pleasant or “Peace Park” was given to the National Trust in 1921, by Christine Hamlyn who did much to regenerate Clovelly after inheriting the estate in 1884. “Peace Park” not only commemorates the Great War, but also provides a restful place to reflect on life, listen to bird song, enjoy your lunch or simply take in the breath taking views of Bideford Bay.

With path improvements, new iron railings leading to the monument and a refurbished gate and posts, it’s now easier to access and use the site and we have had some wonderful feedback from members of the public.

Local contractors and materials were used, but the majority of the work was carried out by National Trust Rangers and Volunteers. Thanks also go to Clovelly Estates who kindly donated £1000 towards the work.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Gregg Wilson

Elf Ranger

Bideford Bay and Hartland


One response to “Mount Pleasant is looking good!

  1. Well done to all at Bideford and Hartland. To me this is what the National Trust is all about.

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