Christmas Wreath making at Georgeham School

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These pictures are of our latest and last of this years activities with Georgeham School.
The 20 or so wreaths were made by year groups 1 and 2 and were put on display on the end of the pews as part of the Christmas servicies at Georgeham Church.
As part of our what was once called “Guardianship School links”, we either go into the school or get the school out and about in the great outdoors. This year we have met up with the School 5 times and provided them with some really diverse experiences that have included several trips to Arlington Court where they learnt about woodlands and had pizza and wild play at the Hideaway and also studied Natural Art and did some den building. Some year groups went walling up on Woolacombe down and some went and did a mega litter pick and played games on Woolacombe beach with the Georgaham’s affiliated School in Bristol-Eastern.
Merry Christmas
Executive Christmas Sprit Spreading Ranger

One response to “Christmas Wreath making at Georgeham School

  1. My kids go there and LOVE the NT stuff. Thanks so much 🙂

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