Not mushroom for error, Chainsaw training and more fungi!

Our volunteers learn the correct and safe way to use chain saws.

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I missed out on week 6 at the National Trust as I went on holiday to Fuertaventura. I came back revitalised and ready for week 7 and my chainsaw training course. It was a four day LANTRA integrated assessment course run by Kensey training. It all kicked off on Tuesday so Monday was spent walking through the woods to visit a site that is scheduled to be felled.

Barton Wood near Watersmeet is a section of woodland dominated by Beech, it was planted as a cash crop in the 1950s but never felled. If you take a walk through there you will notice that the Beech trees are all in straight lines, a tell-tale sign of the woods origins. Now Barton Wood is beautiful, beech trees do put on a fantastic display of autumnal colours but they are also not native to Exmoor and outcompete our native broadleaved trees. They…

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