Keeping traditions alive…

More news from Kate as she and our other volunteers visit colleagues at Woolacombe and Hartland for some training in ditch walling and hedge laying

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A full on training week, we were signed up for a two day course in dry stone walling followed by a two day course in hedgelaying.

The stone walling was with the ranger team at Woolacombe, Rob was leading the course with help from Josh. They both taught us a lot about the art of building a top quality stone wall. We started with dismantling the wall, during which time I released a rather crazed side of my personality and started hammering at the wall with a mattock. I helped take the wall down quite quickly on the one side, the speed was probably mostly down to Rob, and then I hopped over the other side to help Harry. Harry was taking it down very methodically and neatly and looked on with horror as I smashed at it with the mattock. By hook or by crook the wall did comeā€¦

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