Day 1 – High Brown and Dark Green Fritillary hunting…

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Ten individuals, two cars, a surplus of nets and perfect > 16 oC weather…we were set up for the first big collaborative butterfly data collection of the season, and I was a new addition!

If you have ever been to Ladie’s Mile slope, it’s south facing steepness with its mosaics and wavy bracken, Common Dog’s Violet, pop-up thistles and leg scratching bramble, you would soon realise this is the perfect habitat for the High Brown Fritillary an Dark green…suffice to say, we found them! A male, female and many others we could not catch! Jenny Plackett (Butterfly Conservation) running the show with Matthew Oates (National Trust) were the brains of all knowledge regarding these butterflies. A net, pot and ID sheet was all you needed and a good sense of humour in demonstration.

How to distinguish them:

1. High Brown – Under wing strip of brown dots with a silver…

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