Butterfly bonanza!

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It is butterfly season and what a brilliant lot of weather we have had to go with it. Yesterday I accompanied a guided walk with Jenny Plackett of Butterfly Conservation on some of our butterfly sites here in the Heddon Valley. Some 32 people attended the walk on a glorious summer’s day walking along Ladies mile and completing a loop though Parsonage Wood.

In the Heddon valley the National Trust and Butterfly conservation have worked over many years to preserve and enhance the conditions for High brown Fritillary a rapidly declining butterfly species which has a stronghold here at Heddon. On our walk we saw many High Browns this being a very good year for them here and Dark green fritillary which we learnt to tell the difference between.

We also saw speckled wood, ringlets, skippers and red admirals among others along our walk. The whole group thoroughly enjoyed the walk with others carrying the walk on and going to other sites.

We run a this event every year and also a whole weeks butterfly working holiday concentrating on maintaining the High Brown habit and surveying them. So keep an eye out for the events next year if you want to attend.

Thanks to Jenny and the 32 people who attended the walk for such a lovely afternoon.

Ranger Dan

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