Wild Flowers and Birds of the Watersmeet Valley.

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This Tuesday past on a lovely day, myself, Ali Hawkins a wildflower expert from ENPA, Steve Mawby a local bird enthusiast, and 5 visitors walked the Watersmeet valley from Watersmeet house to Ash Bridge and back looking for wild flowers and listening and looking for birds.

We were not to be disappointed! From the East Lyn Bridge we saw a Dipper hunting from a rock and within 50yds we had seen a dozen different wild flowers.

As we progressed along the path we saw wild garlic, red campion, wild strawberry, wood aven and many more of the more common wild flowers. We also encountered some rarer flowers such as Welsh poppy, Irish spurge and Melittis melissophyllum.

We also were lucky enough to glance a male pied fly catcher and later see the female for some time in a tree. Further on into the walk we also heard a wood warbler along with the usual cacophony of black birds, ravens and chaffinches.

We finished the day with a lovely lunch at Watersmeet and discussed the 20 or so wildflowers we had identified and the rare birds we had heard and seen.

Thanks to the local guides for their help, and the visitors for a lovely walk. Also thankyou to Julie and the Watersmeet team for a lovely lunch.

Ranger Dan

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