Wild Pear on a not so rainy bank holiday Saturday!

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Hi all, I am in on this lovely bank holiday. There is no sign of this rain yet in fact it was lovely as I drove over to Wild Pear beach this morning.

I went to Wild Pear to put in a new sign informing visitors that access to the beach is now difficult. The last 20m of path/steps was washed away in the high tides and storms earlier in the year leaving a large shillet slope. There is nothing we can do at present as there is nothing solid to build on. However the beach is still accessible but more suited to the physically fit, which was the case before if any of you have tried the zig-zag climb out of the beach!

We will review the situation with the access if the coming winter reveals anything more solid beneath the shillet.

I will be out and about this bank holiday weekend, making sure the property is ticking over nicely and stopping for cake and tea occasionally. Feel free to give me a wave or stop me for a chat I don’t bite!

Dan Cameron

2 responses to “Wild Pear on a not so rainy bank holiday Saturday!

  1. Rob. Last year someone attached a rope to a post at the top of the slope which made access to the beach much easier. Will a similar rope be there in 2015 ?

    • andybramwell2015

      The National Trust does not attach ropes ourselves as regulations mean we would have to make daily checks to ensure they remain safe to use and we just don’t have the resources to carry these inspections out. Other people may attach ropes but we cannot vouch for the condition or appropriateness of these and therefore advise against their use.

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