Storms Storms and more Storms.

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Well what a start to the year! As we all know we have had some pretty extreme weather with coastal flooding, landslips and fallen trees all over the place. Here on Exmoor we get our fair share.

Every time there is a storm we go out after and survey the damage. This includes a tree survey in our high risk areas and path surveys on our busiest paths.

One particular tree Sorbus Admonitor (the “No Parking” tree) which is an incredibly rare tree in the Watersmeet valley unfortunately suffered the loss of half the tree. However it is still a vigorous tree and will recover.

Of course we also get reports in from kind members of the public of issues on our extensive path network.

It seems with this weather we have had to be out fixing or surveying storm damage for most of this year and it seems theres more come!


Daniel Cameron

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