Rockham Beach Closed

After the weekends storms and high tides there has been a significant new landslip seriously affecting the steps onto Rockham Beach. The access has been shut as the steps are very dangerous. Please do not be tempted to use them. The cliffs surrounding Rockham Beach are very unstable and whilst surveying the damage to the steps I saw a huge rock fall from the cliffs onto the beach. The most recent damage follows last year’s storms, after which we did a fantastic repair:
Unfortunately all this hard work has been to no avail. There is no obvious solution to this recent landslip to repair or reopen access but we will work closely with Devon County Council and their Public Rights of Way Officer and keep you informed. In the mean time please do not use the steps.

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3 responses to “Rockham Beach Closed

  1. Rocham beach is a major attraction in this area can you please advise when access will be resumed.


    • Hi, the work to reinstate the access is currently out to tender. The work is the responsibility of Devon County Council and all being well they are looking at a completion time sometime in the autumn.

  2. Re the tender process, is no news good news?


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