The beacon of Arlington is lit and the Woolacombe team answers the call.

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These pictures are of a recent work day where Stuart, Rob and Willow from the Woolacombe team, went over to help Murray, Holly, Dave, Tom and Dave on a vegetation clearance task over at Arlington Court.
All though some clearance work with machinery and some grazing from Cattle and ponies had happened in the Combeshead valley in the past, it had just never happened on this scale before!

Considering that the brimble and gorse was above ones head in parts at the beginning of last year, the hardest part was done through hundreds of staff and volunteers hours.
Our day was spent raking and dragging and burning what was left thus returning the site to it former glory of wood pasture non improved grassland and creating a habitat that can be better managed through stock grazing. Also by coppicing/pollarding a selection willow, hazel and ash trees, this will allow extra light in and create diversity in the tree/shrub age range and provide optimal flora and fauna conditions.

Stuart Ayres
Executive habitat maintenance Ranger

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