Winter storms

As with everywhere around the country recently we have been pummeled by severe winter storms from the Atlantic. Yesterday I managed to get out to check some of the damage caused. Considering the severity of the storms it was not too bad. The sea wall at Croyde took the full force of the waves and had the top stones smashed off, the beach at Woolacombe has lost about 5 metres of sand along the dune face leaving a sandcliff up to 3 metres in parts. This will soon regrade and over time the sand will build up again. Unfortunatley our new steps on to Grunta Beach did not fair so well. The steps have been badly eroded, the post and rail fence has been hit by a cliff fall and worst of all the path leading to the steps has been undercut leading to a cliff fall taking a section of path with it. Beacuase of this we have had to close Grunta Beach again for the forseable future. Luckily Rockham steps appear to have got of relatively unscathed. Heres to a calmer few weeks!

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4 responses to “Winter storms

  1. Reblogged this on I love SW coast and commented:
    A tough start to the new year and its thanks to the hard work of your team of rangers for helping to manage the damage caused by this terrible weather we’re experiencing. Keep up the good work!

  2. Fantastic team effort thank you, woolacombe is such a beautiful beach ahain

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