North Devon’s very own 39 steps gets a 5 day make over!

Grunta Beach Sunrise

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These pictures show the work the Morte Estate team recently embarked on providing access to Grunta Beach near Mortehoe. The existing steps had fallen into disrepair aswell as the cliffs above had eroided and overhanged the path causing its temporary closure.
The whole area is SSSI and so no concrete could be used to form steps, so our only option was to divert the path by creating steps in the rock face with a modern day pick and shovel-a rock hammer!
Over the week, 3 different volunteers worked flat out, tonnes of rock was dugout, and 4 Rangers were worn out.
We were also visited on several days by a rather low flying rescue helecopter from Chivenor doing practice missions.
In some ways the team have created a landmark for people to come and see and use especially on a low tide when the beach looks spectacular.
The slide show pics were took by me but the other two amazing shots of Grunta in the morning and at night were took by our resident expert photographer Joshua Day.

Stuart Ayres
Executive HI HO Ranger

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