The story of the three legged fence

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A phone call was taken- my sheep are escaping
Action was needed to abate the farmers frustration
The team was assembled rangers, vols, alike
Landy, tractor and trailer was ready to strike

Over the next few days the old fence was taken down
Brambles and gorse were cut down to the ground
Stakes and straining posts were all bashed in
All was going to plan, the finish point was near

The wire was attached and the fence was taking shape
The rangers and vols were happy making no mistakes
Time to put on the strain up came the wire
Out pulled one post and then another oh dire!

Then ensued a series of measures
The sheep proof fence became Brunel’s next vision
An extra strut was attached in a hope of success
Lets try this time said a ranger and on went the tension

Chuffed we were with fencing on this uneven ground
Little did we know as tools were scattered all around
Whats that sound, there’s movement, the wires gone slack
Out popped a strainer followed by another and another

Equipped with the tractor and mechanical basher
We took vengeance on the fence and redesigned what was a disaster
Three legs it now had –no way could it come out
Quick staple off, cut and tie, hooray what a pleasure

So if you’re ever in Mortehoe
And are up for the challenge
Venture across Morte point
And search for our endeavor

Executive Poet Ranger

One response to “The story of the three legged fence

  1. Devon’s very own ‘McGonagal’!

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