Steepers, crooks and billhooks.

Hedge laying

Hedgelaying course at Peppercombe – 30 and 31 October

Hedge laying declined after the 1939 -1945 war due to many factors such as the availability of labour, the introduction of machines to cut hedges, wire fences and changes in agriculture that placed emphasis on production. By the 1960’s hedges were declining at an alarming rate. Lack of maintenance meant that hedges became tall and gappy with nothing at the bottom; in effect a line of trees. Many hedges were grubbed out to make larger fields that could be more efficiently managed by larger machinery.

Luckily there are still people around who lay our hedges in order to increase their live and practical and environmental benefits and the Bideford Bay rangers are running a two day practical hedgelaying course open to beginners and more experienced people alike to show you the techniques, tools and benefits of hedgelaying. The course is fantastic value at £40 and to find out more information and to book a place, call 01598 763402. If you also book on our two day walling course at Woolacombe (28 and 29 Ocotber), you get both courses for a discount price of £70.

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