Sapling Clearance

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This Saturday just past I had a group of 13 volunteers in to help clear Beech saplings in Barton wood. Barton Wood is a Beech plantation which in coming years we will begin to fell. So I tasked the group with clearing the Beech saplings to halt its spread into other woodland areas.

They took to the job with great enthusiasm and cleared large areas of saplings and also improved some views by removing a few other saplings.

The group enjoyed a guided walk to site and assorted goodies at Watersmeet café as part of their day. The walk back across the fields in full sunshine capped the day off perfectly.

Many thanks to the group for all their hard work.

Dan Cameron

2 responses to “Sapling Clearance

  1. Dan – thanks for a cracking day out. Apologies to all the endangered native Exmoor species, felled by accident 😉

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