‘Chester’ the Wreckers dog.

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Having led our first ever Lorna Doone Walk the day before, professional storyteller, Captain of the West again enthralled us on last nights Wreckers and Smugglers walk ably assisted by staff and young volunteers on a working holiday. Stories about rum, tobacco, smuggled silks, ‘selkies’ – seals that turn into beautiful women and even oven-ready turkeys kept us laughing whilst the amazing setting of Morte Point could not have provided a more stunning and atmospheric backdrop.

The weather was perfect for slighty unsavoury activities that the ‘gentlemen’ used to carry out as it was warm and dry but with a good cloud covering to block the light and hide us from the eyes of the excisemen!

We were even joined by ‘Chester’, the black lab who came complete with his very own wreckers lantern hanging from his collar ready to lure the ships to the shore. Thank you to Rob for the photo.

My favourite parts were listening to the Captain weave both Chester and a random jogger into the stories and Chester even growled at the perfect places. A magical event for a magical headland.

4 responses to “‘Chester’ the Wreckers dog.

  1. david glaholm

    whats the date for next year please

  2. What a fab idea! I hope you had lots of punters.

  3. Hi David, we haven’t decided on next years event details yet but it will be on a thursday night at around the same week of the year. I suspect the 14th August but best to keep an eye on the National Trust website from January to make sure. Thanks, Jemma

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