Countryfile comes to Watersmeet

John and Fiona

This was the day that we had been waiting for, hair and make up was ready for camera… Countryfile was coming to Watersmeet! The kitchen had been scrubbed from floor to ceiling and was ready to host our guest. When the team arrived, there was the camera man, director, sound co-ordinator and of course, John Craven, all of whom were very welcoming to the staff and customers. Watersmeet’s Supervisor, Fiona, had a first hand experience of what it is like to be in the limelight when she became the star of the show. The film crew, John and Fiona were filming in the kitchen for over an hour, where they made scones and chatted about the local lifetsyle. Watching from behind the scenes, it was very obvious how nervous Fiona was, her hands did not stop shaking but she did extremely well and made everyone at Watersmeet very proud. We cannot wait to watch her on televison! Watersmeet’s manager, Julie was also filmed out in the garden with John while they interacted with the customers, so that is something else to look out for! Once the team left the kitchen, service resumed as normal but I was still determined to get a photograph of  John Craven and all the staff. When they returned from filming some of the beautiful scenery around Watersmeet, I smiled sweetly and they agreed to having a photograph with us. As you can see by our big smiles that we were all happy and very much enjoyed John’s company because he was so down to earth and friendly. It was a lovely day had by all the stImageaff and even some of the customers can now say that they had a chat with John Craven!

To watch John and Fiona in action, tune into BBC1 on Sunday 25 August.

By Xenia Coole                     Catering Assistant at Watersmeet

7 responses to “Countryfile comes to Watersmeet

  1. Yea! Lovely photo and well done to all who made the day go so well – can’t wait to watch it on tv. (and i’m sure we won’t be able to see the shaky hands)!

  2. Your scones look totally amazing! What’s the recipe?

  3. Those scones! They looked so delicious.I was inspired to have a go today. Can you share your recipe?

  4. Pam Westmorland

    Any chance of the receipe for your wonderful looking scones,please

  5. Yes, recipe please – they look amazing!

  6. I once spent a week with friends in Devon, we set ourselfs the task of having a cream tea every day and giving them marks out of 10, out of the 7 we tried Watermead was the only place that scored 10 in our book.A very memorable holiday, well done Watermeet. I too would like the recipe.

  7. Thank you all for your comments, sorry I have not replied sooner! I’m afraid we can not share our scone recpie, but keep your eyes on the blog and there will soon be some tips!

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