Generations, Then and Now.

Dan Ford

George Berry

Whilst going through an old family photo album we came across this photograph of George Berry turning hay in what is now the Heddon Valley car park. George was a cousin to the Miss Berry’s who back in the early 1900’s ran the Hunters Inn Company which included all the land now managed by the National Trust. George worked for them as a farm labourer and chauffeur.
When George married the Miss Berry’s gave him the cottage at Vention just around the corner from the Inn where he and his family lived for the next 4 generations.

So why recreate the photo with a National Trust ranger sitting on a ride-on mower? Well, this is ranger Daniel Ford who just happens to be George’s Great Grandson. Where George once cut and turned hay Daniel now mows grass and runs weekly events for children through the summer holidays.

5 responses to “Generations, Then and Now.

  1. Fantastic – I stayed at the Hunters Inn when I was 12 years old on a family holiday – wonderful place – I saw the history recently on a TV programme & was amazed at how ‘up market’ the clientele used to be 🙂

  2. My great grandfather x 4 was William Berry who managed Voley – your George – was his grandson. Henry who ran Hunters Inn was his son. Another son, William, married Mary Gill (daughter to my gt granddad x 2) and they lived in Vention Ctg. I’d love to see any other pics in the Family Album. Could you please email me?

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