Early morning strimming

As I’m sure you are all aware it’s been a bit hot recently, the weather has been perfect and many of you have been around the estate enjoying the sunshine. This is also a busy time of year for us keeping the footpaths clear of growing vegetation. We decided to strim Watersmeet to Lynmouth today, one of the busiest paths on Exmoor seeing over 40,000 walkers each year. We were at work for 6am and busily strimming around Watersmeet house by 6:30.
In starting early we missed the heat of the day, missed the horseflies and avoided disrupting visitors on this very popular path. We passed 3 people, instead of the crowds that would have been using the path later in the day.


By 9:50 we had strimmed and cleared the whole riverside walk and all of the old leat path that runs from the fisherman’s car park to Middleham gardens. A job well done in under 3 and a half hours, it could take twice that long during a busy day with many visitors, so its well worth the effort starting early and enjoying the walk/work when nobody else is about!


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