Many hands make light work!

Well, having said that, the buckets of stone were anything but light! The South West coast path, heading from Peppercombe to Greencliff didn’t know what had hit it when our working holiday group descended upon it. The glorious sun shone brightly as we lugged buckets of stone up and down the path improving the surface condition, after past years of bad weather affecting it. Some also helped by pruning back the hedges, opening up the views. Our thanks go to them for all their hard work.

Luke Johns
Volunteer Ranger – Torridge

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One response to “Many hands make light work!

  1. Stephanie Atkinson

    Just come back from a holiday in Peppercombe, and walked this stretch of the coastal path. Very appreciative of all the hard work you have done to make it less precarious!! It was obviously still slippery after the bad weather recently, but so much better than I imagine it would otherwise have been!!

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