A wreck, a wall and a helicopter

Fantastic weather shone on the kids from Woolacombe School’s Class 5 for their trip to Morte Point last Thursday. No one can say these children didn’t get enough exericse today. First they walked from the school all the way up hill to Mortehoe, only to be then split into three groups, one group visiting Mortehoe Museum, another drystone walling with Rangers Josh and Stuart and volunteers Roger and Paul and the third unlucky group had another walk this time around Motre Point with a few more hills thrown in whilst listening to “Ship Aground”, our self-guided audio trail using GPS technology. This tells a tale of a ship wreck on the Point two hundred years ago through the eyes of “Sarah” a young girl from the village and various characters she meets on her way to the wreck. The story leads them to the tip of Morte Point where the “virtual” wreck takes place. For one lucky group they even had a front row seat to watch the Search and Rescue Helicopter practice some winching, not conducive to listening to headphones at the same time though! Each group rotated throughout the day and then they walked back to school, this time all down hill! I know I slept well that night, I led the three walks around Morte Point!

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One response to “A wreck, a wall and a helicopter

  1. Jo Railston

    Thanks to everyone for making this a great day for Class 5!!!

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