Cleaning the East Lyn

We spent a day this week removing as much litter from the East Lyn as we could. We have done the stretch between Rockford and Watersmeet so far, and we picked up quite a bit of litter! Items such as fishing rods, flip flops, bottles, rope, buckets, wire, car parts, a landing net and traffic cone amongst much much more. A majority of the plastic was bale wrap and twine, feed sacks and quite a bit of polystyrene.

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The Lyn is considered a very clean river, so pulling this much litter out is not only a good job done but slightly disappointing that so much gets in there in the first place. It’s a result of the heavy rain and flooding we’ve had in the past few months, and some of the rubbish was a good 8ft above normal water level.
On the plus side the river bed has had a decent scour so if you get chance go and take a look in the Lyn, it’s like Bombay Sapphire flowing over a pristine river bed! You can see the bottom of the deepest pools, well worth a look.


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