Wish You Were Here

For many of us January is when we start to think about where we would like to go on holiday. What are you dreaming of doing this Year? Spending hot sunny days on a beach maybe? Queuing at an airport for ages, losing your luggage and be hassled by hawkers to buy a time share? Well, it may surprise you, but personally I can think of nothing worse! A holiday for me has to have some purpose, a goal, a challenge even. I like to have accomplished something or to have explored a new place. How about a holiday where you could meet new people, or learn a new skill? How about a holiday where you could make a real difference to the habitat of a truly endangered species? Now that sounds like a challenge doesn’t it? Well here’s your chance to take up that challenge.

Along with several other exciting working holiday opportunities based at the Exmoor Bunkhouse this Year we have a 6 day break running from the 16 to the 27 June specifically for anyone wanting to learn about some of Exmoor’s fritillary butterflies. The week begins with an introduction to the species, their habitats and the survey techniques used to study them from the National Trust’s very own butterfly and wildlife expert Matthew Oates. 2013 sees Matthew celebrate 50 years of ‘butterflying’ and he assures me, in an email today, that ‘it’s going to be fantastic and, we are due a summer’. Matthew will spend two days with you and is joined on both days by butterfly expert Jenny Placket from Butterfly Conservation. National Trust Ranger Daniel Ford will accompany you throughout the holiday and you may even talk me in to buying you an ice cream in the National Trust’s Heddon Valley Shop. In the Heddon valley we will concentrate our efforts on the increasingly rare and beautiful High Brown Fritillary but the holiday also includes a visit to our neighbouring property at Holnicote to look for the Heath Fritillary.

Picture 081

high brown 2

Due to the steepness of the sites, and hopefully some nice warm weather, you should be aware that the work is physically demanding although remember you are on holiday too so plenty of breaks and chances to chat with your fellow explorers.

Below is a link to this specific holiday but please do take a look at what else we offer. Oh and you could always follow Matthew and/or myself on Twitter



We look forward to meeting you,




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