Ode to a Boot


In a West Sussex woodland, in the year ‘99
I started volunteering, building steps in a line.
I loved it so much that I did more and more

On downland and heathland and then on the shore.

Back then I was little – size 10, 5 foot 2;
With small size 5 feet. What was I to do?
For my overalls were too long, they dragged in the mud,
So I cut them and hemmed them and made them more snug.

But my heavy black boots were like wearing bricks,
In those days the smallest were a roomy size 6!
Add to that the weight of thick Sussex clay;
I dreamed of wearing ‘nice’ girly boots one day.

As a countryside ranger I began to get paid
And those heavy black boots, in size 5 they were made – Hooray!
And just 2 years later – now do please sit down;
Ladies boots were constructed in black AND dark brown!

Now mending the coast path, boots and I were content.
But peacefulness shattered! An email was sent,
About steel-toed marvels, size 5, a web link
Soft fluffy nubuck, in brown and in PINK! PINK! PINK!

After 14 good years out in mud, rain and snow
I’ve finally found boots which provide a warm glow.
But now can you believe it? For my role, it is changing,
I’m swapping tractors for targets, for an office and heating!

.…But one things for certain I’ll be wearing my pink work boots under my desk next year!

Ranger turned Visitor Services Manager.

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