Water, water everywhere – even in the sand dunes

With all the rain we’ve had recently a large pond has appeared at the southern end of Woolacombe Warren.  This is an area we have been clearing of scrub over the last few years and emerging from the base of the slope is a spring and with the amount of rainfall the water has pooled into a temporary pond.  Myself and Jemma had  quick look last week and the valley was alive with bird song, Chaffinch, Dunnocks, Long-tailed Tits, Robins, Blackbirds and a couple of Bullfinch and then a rather strange squeling noise coming from the pond.  After some careful stalking and creeping to the edge of the pond I caught a very brief climpse of the source of the noise, a Water Rail.  These are very secretive wading birds who sculk around the edge of wetland areas.   They are resident breeding birds but often during the winter there is an influx of birds from Europe.  The squeling noise sounds very similar to a piglet!  If you go for a walk in the dunes or near any wetland/ponds this winter and you hear a squeling piglet, you now know what it is.

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One response to “Water, water everywhere – even in the sand dunes

  1. that could be the best view i ever get of the elusive water rail!

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