Bideford Bay-Moody, Yet Majestic.


P1010838P1010797In the distance the clouds brought forth their fury and deafening claps of thunder shook the earth. Bideford Bay sat P1010833in wait. Before long Lundy slunk into the shadows, temperatures plummeted and the chink of cold steel and ice resonated, as we held our billhooks aloft and embraced the biting northerly wind and hail.

In the very picturesque yet dramatic setting of Bideford Bay, National Trust Volunteers and members of the public tried their hand at the very gratifying and age old skill of hedge laying, at the most wonderful setting of Worthygate last month. The views across BidefordBay, out to Lundy and Wales were awesome, as were the conditions!

Run as part of Devon hedge Week at the end of October this is an annual workshop run by the National Trust in an effort to preserve rural skills, landscape and wildlife.

During this two day event you are given the opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people and help to preserve hedgerows which constitute one of the UK’s largest semi natural habitats, approximately 506,000 miles in length.

It’s great fun, so why not join us next year!!

Thanks to everyone who came along,


Torridge Ranger

2 responses to “Bideford Bay-Moody, Yet Majestic.

  1. you’ve inspired me to get all poetical!

  2. Love the poem Gregg. Perhaps a new career in the offing..!!

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