Morte Point Wildlife

I had a quick walk out on Morte Point yesterday afternoon to plan this years winter scrub clearance programme and I came across this gorgeous Slow Worm in the middle of the open grass path.  Another more unusual sighting for Morte Point was a Grey Squirrel.  I can’t remember ever seeing a Grey Squirrel on Morte Point in the 9 years I’ve been here.  It was an odd sight seeing it run along the path and disappear into the gorse.  I also saw a heavily pregnant Grey Seal bobbing up and down in the surf, they start having pups early autumn and although I have never seen a seal pup on Morte Point there are one or two spots where they could pup.  I’ll have to keep and eye open over the next few months.

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5 responses to “Morte Point Wildlife

  1. Reblogged this on Moorland, the Heart of Exmoor and commented:
    Wildlife news straight from the ranger – good photos too…

  2. Amazing! I’ve never seen a slow worm – or a seal that’s not been in a zoo. You lucky thing.

  3. Wildlife is so very nice place in watching different kinds of animals especially the wild ones.

  4. Hello there! Nice photos of a snake. Snakes are a dangerous wildlife that we known. Somebody likes it and somebody don’ts. I’d like to share a link at your site ;
    Thank you.

    • Hi, thanks for the comment – happy to share your link. Its great that you can look at the blog from the other side of the world! Just had a look at your site and watched the video of the joey being rescued, hope he/she made it. The slow worm in the photo is a legless lizard but is often mistaken for a snake. It actually has eyelids which it can close unlike a snake and it can shed its tail, which regrows, as a defense mechanism, when threatened. Keep up the good work.

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