Lynmouth Fete, Pirates and Hedgehogs 2012.

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There were some unusual characters at this years National Trust Fete on the Manor Green Lynmouth including Captain Marisco and Baggy the Hedgehog. Captain Marisco, also occasionally known as Ranger Dan Cameron, was asking people to help him locate some treasure he had lost on Puffin Island. His plaintive cries could be heard up and down Lynmouth Street and all over the Manor, ‘elp me find my treasure!’ he wailed and ‘win a trip t’ Puffin isle’. Thankfully, for the rest of us, at about 4 O’clock, or 8 bells according to him, someone eventually did find his treasure and, as a reward, bagged themselves two tickets to visit Lundy aboard the Oldenburg.

Whilst this Marisco fiasco was going on, Baggy the Hedgehog turned up accompanied by the Boarderline Morris Dancing Side. Baggy amazed us all with his stick waving frolics and bell shaking antics, he even got a couple of the West Exmoor rangers to join him although I managed to hide behind the Lyn Valley WI’s cake stall, not a bad place to be as it happens, particularly if you enjoy chocolate cake as much as I do!

The National Trust’s Lynmouth Fete is great fun for all the family, we will be back again next Year, same time same place. I wonder who will turn up next Year…


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