Work on the Warren

Despite the terrible summer that we are all experiencing there is plenty to keep us busy on  the dunes: maintaining  the paths, litter picking and bashing back the bracken and the brambles to make room for grasses and flowering species. There is a wide variety of flowering species out at the moment including tall erect stems of yellow great mullein, evening primrose, beds of fragrant wild tyhme, and pyramid orchids. Many of these species are very important for butterfly’s and bee’s. For those interested in finding out more about the dune’s wild flowers, there will be a  guided Woolacombe Wildflower Wander on the 14th August, looking at the different flowering species and habitats found in the dunes.

One of the unexpected plants found in Woolacombe dunes is a pear tree, where we have been cutting the Bracken from around the tree to allow access to the fruit tree and hopefully help preserve it for future years. We have also started our ragwort pulling as part of our controlled management of the dunes and the ragwort.

Come rain or shine we have been exploring the rock pools on Barricane beach with groups of vistors and locals, looking at the different species that can be found on the rocky shore.  We are also running free beach games every Wednesday throughout the summer holidays so come on down and join us, or come and join us on a Rockpool Ramble.

Jenny and Sam – Beach Rangers

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