Have your say: new planning application for Atlantis Lodge, Croyde

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A new planning application has been put in for Atlantis Lodge, Croyde, which sits at the start of the walk out onto Baggy Point.  Deadline for comments is Friday 22nd June 2012.  We are in the process of reviewing the application and will be making a formal response. As soon as we do this, we will let you know by posting here on our blog.

Follow this link to go directly to application on the North Devon Council’s website, where you can see all relevant plans and documents. http://planning.northdevon.gov.uk/detail.asp?AltRef=53985&ApplicationNumber=53985&AddressPrefix&Postcode&CaseOfficer&ParishName&AreaTeam&WardMember&DateReceivedStart&DateReceivedEnd&DateDecidedStart&DateDecidedEnd&Locality&AgentName&ApplicantName&ShowDecided&DecisionLevel&Sort1=FullAddressPrefix&Sort2=DateReceived+DESC&Submit=Search

5 responses to “Have your say: new planning application for Atlantis Lodge, Croyde

  1. Hideous – Obkect Now!

  2. jemma lowin

    I hate this building with a passion and have objected. imagine what it will look like from Croyde beach and from the water. 😦

  3. Michelle Atkins

    The North Devon coastline is a natural beauty spot and the building design does not fit at all into the landscape. It would be an eyesore. If a hotel is needed there then the design needs to be in keeping with the area

  4. Atlantis Lodge or Baggys Too is a wonderful, reassuringly quirky hotel perfectly in keeping with laid back surfy holidays. The last thing that’s needed on this beautiful unspoilt NT coastline is a modern eyesore, totally out of character with the village.

  5. This is awful……I have been to Croyde on and off for 30 years and love the village mainly because it is like stepping back in time. To pull down the beautiful building that is already there and replace it with this would be a crime. Surely the demographic of people who visit Croyde doesn’t need this sort of accomodation??. NDDC need to seriously think before they pass planning on this!

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