How many of the 50 things challenges have you completed this half term?

Last week I went on holiday with Jemma, Trust ranger at Woolacombe, and two of our friends. Jemma and I have been handing out 50 things leaflets to lots of our visitors so we decided to take one with us as it seemed like the perfect companion to a camping trip in France, even if we did have to change the age on the front of the book to 50 things to do before your 40½!

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Our challenges started as we boarded the ferry- standing on the top deck on the helicopter pad definitely felt like we were flying on the wind and when we got too cold doing that a visit to the shop to buy some stickers for the book kept us occupied.

Whilst seeing and enjoying the French countryside we had a great time climbing trees, camping in the wild, skimming stones, swinging on rope swings, climbing huge hills, hunting for bugs, blowing grass trumpets, lighting fires without matches and we even found a fossil.

Not only did the activities in the book keep us occupied outside, filling in the book in the car kept Jemma and I busy as Andrea and Russ concentrated on the driving and navigating! Let us know which of the 50 things activities you have been taking part in and where by tweeting us: @northdevonnt or by sending us a message on We’ll look forward to hearing what you’ve all been up to.

One response to “How many of the 50 things challenges have you completed this half term?

  1. ha ha! love the photos but i’m still disappointed that of all the 50 things to do, we still failed on ‘canoe a river’ despite the whole holiday being planned around a four day canoeing trip on the Dordogne. We’ll be back you naughty flooded river!

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