Guardianship guided walks with local schoolchildren

Julian showing Year 6’s from West Exmoor Federated schools the site of the old water and ginger beer  bottling factory, as part of a guided walk from Watersmeet House to Lynmouth. Children learnt about local flora and fauna, and although they didn’t get any locally brewed ginger beer they did try some wild wood sorrel andvisited the Lynton Museum.

Happy school children waving on a bridge crossing the East Lyn.

Year 6’s from Lynton and Parracombe Primary are taking part in 3 walks as part of a Guardianship programme with the National Trust, with the intention of instilling in them a respect for the natural world through learning about their local flora and fauna. As well as exploring Watersmeet, pupils have walked to Heddon’s Mouth to spot wildlife, and did a stream dip next to Heddon’s car park.

It’s been brilliant and we are looking forward to our last Guardianship event in the near future!

2 responses to “Guardianship guided walks with local schoolchildren

  1. Such a great activity for school children to do, lovely scenery!

  2. A very good place for children to visit and learn.It is best for them to know about the local flora and fauna.

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