North Devon School Games and the Olympic Torch Parade

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On Monday 21st May we went along to the Castle Green in Barnstaple to take part in the opening ceremony of the North Devon School Games. Not only was this an exciting event in itself but it coincided with the Olympic torch relay passing through Barnstaple.

 The North Devon School Games consists of 5 days of activity and competition open to all of the young people from each of the Special Schools in North Devon and to Key Stage 3 SEN young people at Main Stream Schools across North Devonand Torridge. Students from PETROC Learning Support Department were also taking part.

 Four of the schools taking part in the Games lined the streets in force wearing their brightly coloured team t-shirts to watch the Olympic torch parade go past. Then, pupils and staff filed onto the Castle Green where they performed songs and dances, had a look at the different stalls and tried out different activities.

 We encouraged the students and staff to visit our stand and have a go at Welly Wanging. Participants had 5 goes at throwing welly boots into different hoops, to see who could get the highest score.

 This was harder than it seemed as people decided whether to aim for the furthest hoop and score 40 points or the closest for 10 points a wang! Only the official photographers were able to take pictures of the students but here you can see a photo of one of the VIP’s throwing his welly and the welly wanging arena.

 Proud winners of each age group won a National Trust beach towel, they were:

  • Best under 11 welly wang: Harvey Andrew, 60 Points ,ParkSchool
  • Best 12- 16 welly wang : Kieran Brown, 70 points,ParkSchool
  • Best adult welly wang: Anthea Yeo, 80 points, PETROC.

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