Art Trek comes to Bucks Mills Cabin this July

From the 1920’s up to the 1970’s Bucks Mills Cabin was used as an artist’s studio by Judith Ackland and Mary Stella Edwards.

The Cabin is an evocative and charismatic stone building located on the slipway to the beach. When you open the green door you step inside another world with antique china, a wood burning stove, and old cupboards stuffed with bric a brac, all bathed in a natural light – the perfect place for an artists retreat.

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The National Trust became custodians of the Cabin in 2008 and are continuing its artistic heritage by hosting unique art projects annually. This year we are pleased to welcome two women artists back to the Cabin as part of Art Trek 2012.

From now until Art Trek begins local artists, Susan Plummer and Judith Westcott, both graduates with a BA (hons) in Fine Art will be spending time at the Cabin making work, inside and out, past and present.

For many years Judith has had a fascination with Bucks Mills Cabin and with the two women who worked there. She is delighted to have been given extended access to the Cabin so that she may absorb something of the very special atmosphere and strong sense of place of this unique building and its context. Judith is writing a Blog on her time at the cabin:

Art Trek is taking place from 7 – 22 July and is a chance for artists to open their homes and studios to celebrate, with you, the quality and diversity of the arts and crafts made in the North Devon area. You can visit Bucks Mills Cabin from 10.30am -4.30pm on the 14, 15, 21, 22 July. Please visit the Art Trek website  or follow it on twitter @NDevonArtTRek for more information on dates of events and participating artists

3 responses to “Art Trek comes to Bucks Mills Cabin this July

  1. Mike Greener

    Visited this cabin today and the two lady artists manning the cottage made us feel so welcome and gave us an excellant and informative tour. It was a real treat to see the inside of this wonderful but tiny cottage and such a surprise to find at the end of our walk from Clovelly.
    Thanks again from two impressed yachties

  2. roxannelindsay

    My dear friend who is currently ending three month revisit to Devon sent me your link. I love thee area, but have not visited to Bucks Mills. Is it possible, that a repeat will occur for ART Trek next year 2016? Brilliant idea for a holiday,I would love to join. Thank you; Roxanne Lindsay, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada

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