Amber get Active

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Our efforts to clear the dense gorse coverage in fields above Croyde received a massive boost recently when volunteers from the Amber Foundation descended on it armed with bowsaws, weapons and shed loads of energy and enthusiasm. In three days, they more than doubled the size of the area we had cleared all winter (and we thought we had done quite well already).

The cutting was done just in the nick of time as well because we had to get the cutting done before the end of march when the birds are nesting so we are SUPER grateful to ‘Dan the Tan’ and all of you for your efforts. Mind you , I think the success was partly due to excellent leadership by Colin (including breakfast at 6am!) and a steady supply of cookies and doughnuts by us……

We had a great few days working with you and are looking forward to seeing how this important, unimproved grassland habitat responds over the summer…..

3 responses to “Amber get Active

  1. Good job everyone!! It really was dense smiles all round!!!

  2. I looked out my window from woolacombe and noticed the feild was clear!

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