Night Herons at Woolacombe

I’ve seen Night Herons on my travels in the past to far flung places like Thailand and Costa Rica but I certainly didn’t expect to see them a couple of hundred metres away from our office in Woolacombe!  The Night Heron has a huge world range stretching from Southern Europe, the Middle East, southern and south-east Asia as well as Africa and North and South America but definantely not Britain.  The birds, both adults and a juvenile were overshooting spring migrants and came to settle on a lovely little pond on the outskirts of Woolacombe a week ago.  Thanks must go to the friendly and accomodateing owners of the pond who allowed me in to their garden to see the Herons and all the other birdwatchers, and also to Rob Jutsum for his fantastic photo’s taken through a telescope and camera attachment.



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